Academic Acceleration

Academic Acceleration Highlight Strategies

The acceleration agenda builds on the implementation of the district’s Design for Accelerated Progress (DAP) model with two essential promises for the learners of Durham Public Schools – accountability for a year’s growth annually; and opportunities for interventions and enrichment for all students.

The academic acceleration agenda offers a robust Pre-K through twelfth grade continuum anchored with rich learning environments and provides students with learning experiences that provide intellectual, emotional and physical development.

As we focus our efforts on accelerating learning and increasing student achievement, the Academic Acceleration section has set forth measurable goals with key indicators and strategies to deepen and enhance the work of schools and increase outcomes for students. Our work begins with the early learning Pre-K offerings and continues through high school graduation.

To this end, DPS is committed to transforming the lives of the children of Durham by creating first-rate learning environments that engage and challenge students through the arts, science, language arts and math. While providing all students differentiated support so that they thrive and achieve their academic potential every year, DPS will prepare them to pursue college and other post-secondary opportunities in order to compete in a global workforce.

To accomplish this agenda, the support and collaboration of an entire community of school administrators and staff, faculty, students, families, businesses and public entities working in accord to provide high-quality intervention and acceleration efforts are paramount.

One unintended outcome of the current standardized testing accountability era is high-stakes testing results solely focused on proficiency. With the promise of strong community supports to ensure that all students realize a year’s academic growth annually and are on track to graduate from high school in four years, college ready or work bound, DPS is re-culturing toward a focus on student growth results. Building and utilizing an effective assessment-for-learning model to improve student achievement outcomes is critical to this student growth focused approach.

The use of these assessments as tools to measure and inform instruction and student growth will drive the academic work of the district over the next four years. This approach will enable the district to identify instructional needs and mastery of skills to foster nurturing and acceleration systems to ensure success. As all students experience increased academic growth, DPS will be positioned to meet its ultimate goal of having all students on track to graduate high school “on time” and well-prepared to begin the next phase of their lives.

For information regarding current status click here to access Progress Reports.