Effective Operations

Operational departments and activities serve and support all staff and students across the district. While many procedures and practices are internal and unseen by school-based customers, others clearly and directly impact all DPS staff, students, families, and the community. Technology is a necessary presence in both classrooms and district business offices.

While today’s global environment revolves around technological innovation, it also boasts prevalence in “green” practices which protect the environment while also conserving dwindling financial resources. Additionally, in support of a national movement to improve the health of children and families, school systems are looking to provide more nutritional meals to students.

Every efficiency gained in system business practices also allows resources to be focused on classroom and learning environments. In challenging times of limited resources, it is imperative to shift toward embracing contemporary business concepts in order to fulfill both new and traditional industry expectations.

To that end, DPS must ensure optimal operations by identifying available resources and defining how they will be consumed. DPS will provide more nutritional meal offerings to students and staff in order to support healthy learners with positive lifelong habits. Moreover, DPS commits to continuously examine national business practices across industries to develop and sustain a framework in which the district will thrive as an effective, efficient, environmentally- and socially-conscious organization.

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