Equitable Standards

Baseline standards are essential to organizational effectiveness. A baseline standard is a pre-determined resource that must exist in order to reach designated DPS goals. The standards allow the district and community to identify the important components of the instructional and operational program. The components are specific to instruction as well as operations.

Standards will be developed as the strategic plan is implemented. The standard is just that; a standard – what DPS will use as a rule/basis of comparison in measuring efforts. In some instances the standard must be raised to address the needs of the students. For example, in some of our communities students do not have the benefit of sufficient preschool experiences; therefore, we may develop an equity standard related to Pre-Kindergarten services. Some equity standards require the assistance from community and other governmental agencies.

In DPS equity is a system of fair and inclusive rules, processes and practices. When these are followed and /or in place students’ needs are adequately met. During the implementation of this plan all DPS employees are expected to exemplify established equity standards.

The district will conduct an assessment of the “current state” and compare that to the “desired state”. The difference between these two will be classified as the “gap”. We will identify the “gap” and the costs associated with eliminating the baseline standard/equity gap and seek community support to eliminate deficiencies.

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