Wellness & Safety

Every student, in every neighborhood, at every grade level, must have the choice and opportunity to attend a safe school with staff members who care about each student and work with all agencies to ensure mental and physical wellness. A primary focus of Durham Public Schools is to provide and promote a safe, healthful and culturally-responsive atmosphere for its students and employees within which to learn and work.

These goals clearly cannot be achieved in isolation. As referenced in the Communications and Partnerships area of this strategic plan, it is essential that DPS partner with local agencies, non-profit organizations, businesses and other entities to ensure a school environment for students that is conducive to learning. DPS will provide employees, students and guests with a clear understanding of the requirements and expectations to maintain an environment of care and safety, while facilitating an understanding of our diversely-rich community.

It is the culmination of community-wide supporters and contributors and dedicated district staff working in concert as a system with unified purpose that will ensure academic and personal success for the children and families of Durham.

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